Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Reveals New Whole Foods and Prime Gaming Collaboration


The Pokemon GO team just announced a new collaboration with Whole Foods and Prime Gaming. The mega-popular mobile game will be releasing customized bags at select Whole Foods stores, as well as Amazon Fresh stores. They announced the unexpected collaboration via Twitter.

The customized bags come with QR codes that can be redeemed to unlock rewards and bundles. The bags themselves have a minimalistic design, but boast a mountain and grassfield with the Pokemon GO logo in the bottom corner.

For the time being, it is unclear how long the event will last. It's also important to mention that these bags will only be available in the United States, something that has fans divided.

The new collaboration has garnered plenty of attention, as the tweet currently has 118,000 views and almost 2,000 likes. Unfortunately, not all the attention is positive.

Twitter users have been bashing the collaboration, with the majority of them asking why the collaboration is even taking place. As mentioned before, the event being exclusive only to the United States has been upsetting fans greatly. Twitter user @kittykat2631 says "Oh great another thing the U.S gets that the UK doesn’t."

Despite outcry and confusion from fans, this collaboration actually makes sense. Pokemon GO and Whole Foods both are promote healthy lifestyles, and creating a collaborative reusable bag is in line with each company's ideals.