Pokemon Go Rumble Rush Announced

Pokemon Go Rumble Rush is a brand new mobile Pokemon game that will soon release worldwide.

Pokemon Rumble Rush was announced by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company on Wednesday. Pokemon Rumble Rush will be a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. The game is already live for Android devices in Australia, and will be released worldwide soon.

Pokemon Go Rumble Rush

The Pokemon Rumble series started in 2009 with the original Pokemon Rumble game on the Nintendo Wii. There have been four entries in the Rumble series, and Rumble Rush will bring the total to five.

The game that eventually became Pokemon Rumble Rush was originally called PokeLand. PokeLand was announced in May 2017 and had an alpha testing period throughout 2017. However, there was zero news released about PokeLand since October 2017. The game has now resurfaced as Pokemon Rumble Rush.

You can read the full press release announcing the game on Pokemon's official website.

Cover Photo Courtesy of The Pokemon Company/Nintendo