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Pokémon GO's Upcoming Community Days Revealed

Courtesy of Nintendo

Pokémon Go Community Day for the month of August 2022 just ended and if you happen to miss it, do not worry! Pokémon GO Community Day happens each month and luck for you, new dates have been released for the upcoming months.

Pokémon Go Community Day Upcoming Dates

Community Day happens one weekend day every month and it lasts for six hours. During the six hours, players can receive bonuses such as double XP, Stardust, or Lure Modules. The next Community Day is on Sept. 18, 2022, so make sure to save the date! Dates for October and November have also been released. There will also be in-game events during the month of September.

What is Pokémon Go Community Day

Pokémon Go Community Day is a monthly event that highlights a specific Pokémon that encourages players to go outside and play together worldwide. Each event has an increased spawn of the Pokémon for a limited time and it gives players an exclusive Community Day move for their final evolution. Players can also receive bonuses during the event.

The Pokemon GO team suggests players be aware of their surroundings and follow any guidelines from local health authorities while playing Pokemon Go. Upcoming events are subject to change, stay updated on Pokemon Go's news tab.

There is no information on the official time that the event will happen, players can check Twitter to be up-to-date on Pokémon Go news.