Pokemon GO Safari Zone Montreal: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Montreal will be the first time the event comes to North America. The Safari Zone is a regional event that features many types of Pokemon for attendees to catch.

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Montreal

Safari Zone Montreal will take place Sept. 20-22 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec.

The theme for this Safari Zone will be fast Pokemon, with Ninjask and Yanma adorning the banner. As such, Trapinch, Nincada, and Ponyta will have increased spawn rates.

Traditionally, there are also Unown that spell out the name of the city that the event takes place in. It's safe to say we'll get Unown B, C, E, Q and U for Quebec.

The Safari Zone will also feature some regional Pokemon you can't normally get. Tropius, normally exclusive to Africa, will be available for attendees.

Yanma will appear more frequently for the event globally, so even non-attendees can get in on some of the action. There will also be an increased chance to encounter a Shiny Yanma.

Tickets will be sold on the official website on a first-come-first-serve basis, although the ticket sales have yet to begin. Keep an eye out for the announcement if you want to attend!

Photo courtesy of Niantic.