Pokemon GO Safari Zone Taipei City: Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Pokémon GO
Courtesy of Pokémon GO /

Tickets are now on sale for Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Taipei! Taking place Friday, Oct. 21, to Sunday, Oct. 23, this limited-time event gives trainers the chance to explore beautiful Da’an Forest Park and the city of Taipei in Taiwan.

This special in-game event will feature lots of Pokémon, giveaways, and many unique photo opportunities. General admission tickets are purchasable for $11.95 USD and the early access tickets are available for $16.35. These are bought through the Pokémon GO Event Ticketing web page.

Taking place in Taipei city, this is an opportunity to meet new trainers, encounter lots of themed Pokemon, a new shiny, and several bonuses. Here is everything you need to know about this exclusive event.

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Taipei City: Featured Pokémon

There are tons of Pokémon that will be spawning in the area for ticket holders attending the event.

  • Pikachu wearing a green t-shirt
  • Flying Pikachu with multicolored balloons
  • Flying Pikachu with green balloons
  • Doduo
  • Seel
  • Tangela
  • Scyther
  • Snorlax
  • Chikorita
  • Togetic
  • Marill
  • Unown T
  • Unown P
  • Unown E
  • Corsola
  • Lotad
  • Wingull
  • Swablu
  • Pachirisu
  • Finneon
  • Munna
  • Solosis
  • Ferroseed
  • Clauncher

Amongst these Pokémon Finneon will be making its shiny debut in the game. Additionally, trainers have the opportunity to encounter every Pokémon on the list in its shiny form, except for Clauncher, Solosis, and Pachirisu. Non-ticketholders also have a chance on getting in the fun; Pikachu wearing a t-shirt, green balloon Pikachu, and Snorlax will be available, for free, for all players in Taipei.

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Taipei City: Bonuses

Along with the featured Pokémon, the following bonuses will be rewarded to ticket holders throughout the event:

  • Four additional Special Trades for a maximum of five for the day can be made
  • Trades require 50% less Stardust
  • When activated, Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) will last for eight hours
  • When activated, Lure Modules will last for four hours
  • There is a higher chance that Buddy Pokémon will find Souvenirs
  • Buddies are able to find exclusive paper airplane Souvenir

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Taipei City: Gameplay Activities

Pokémon Air Adventures will be taking place in and during the Taipei city Safari Zone. If the featured Pokémon and bonuses weren't enough, the following gameplay acitivites will be made available for all trainers in Taipei:

  • Mega Latias and Mega Latios will be appearing in Mega Raids
  • Team GO Rocket are going to show up more frequently in balloons
  • Pokémon Air Adventures stickers
  • The map will be decorated with confetti

For trainers not in Taipei, they will still have the opportunity to earn Pokémon Air Adventures stickers by pinning PokéStops or opening Gifts.