Pokemon GO Sharpedo: Shinies are Live

Pokemon GO Shardpedo is a water and dark-type Pokemon who can be a bit hard to find yourself. Here we tell you how you can collect your own Sharpedo. And now, you can collect the shiny version.

Pokemon Go Sharpedo: How to Collect One

While it's unlikely you'll find a Sharpedo in the wild, it's important to know that Sharpedo is the evolved form of Carvanha. So, the best way to get your own Sharpedo is to catch a Carvanha and evolve him/her into a Sharpedo.

While Carvanha can be found in the wild, the easiest way to guarantee a Carvanha encounter is to complete one of the water festival research tasks. In particular, you can get a guaranteed Carvanha encounter if you complete the research task where you must defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt. The completion of this task will lead you to a Carvanha encounter.

Furthermore, the event also features the addition of a shiny version of Carvanha. If evolved, the Carvanha will turn into the shiny version of Sharpedo, which has a purple color instead of blue. Make sure you catch them while you can!

Photo courtesy of Niantic