Pokemon GO Shiny Darumaka: How to Get

Pokemon GO Shiny Darumaka: How to Get
Pokemon GO Shiny Darumaka: How to Get / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Shiny Darumaka is featured in the game's fifth anniversary event. With its Fire-type moves and resistance against various other types of Pokemon, Darumaka is an essential character to have on your team. Here's how to encounter and catch it.

Pokemon GO's Anniversary Celebration event began on July 6 and will end on July 15 at 8 p.m. local time.

Players can encounter higher Darumaka spawn rates during this event, as well as various research quests and special rewards.

With the frequent Darumaka spawn rates, some lucky players might run into Shiny Darumaka or Darmanitan.

Pokemon GO Shiny Darumaka: How to Get

Darumaka's Shiny form will be revealed on the capture screen, so players don't have to stock up on Poke balls. However, it's recommended to catch Darumaka's regular form as Darumaka candy can be useful for evolving or leveling up.

Darumaka's Shiny form includes a pink and yellow color scheme. This Fire-type Pokemon's go-to moves are Fire Fang, Flame Charge, and Return.

Darumaka is resistant against Ice-, Fire-, Grass-, Steel-, Bug-, and Fairy-type Pokemon. The best counters against Darumaka include Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type Pokemon.

Players should use 50 Candy when evolving this Pokemon into Darmanitan.

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