Pokemon GO Shiny Oddish: How to Catch

Pokemon GO shiny Oddish is coming soon to a neighborhood near you, according to Niantic Labs. The franchise recently announced an influx of the grass-type for players willing to take a few walks this week. Players are always looking for opportunities to catch their favorite shiny Pokemon, so it isn't odd at all that Niantic is releasing them more often. One could say that, with Halloween approaching, the game is starting to hand them out like candy.

Here's what you need to know about catching the new shiny Oddish.

Pokemon GO Shiny Oddish

According to the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, trainers can expect to see quite a few shiny Oddish starting at 10 p.m. on Oct. 2. This marks the first time this alternately colored Pokemon has appeared in the game along with its evolution family.

Shiny Oddish is a wild green color that completely covers its entire body. With this coloring, it's easy to mistake it for a shrub or patch of grass. It's evolution follow the same suit, being mostly green with accents here and there. For example, Gloom and Vileplume's bodies are green, but their leaves and pods are bright orange. Surprisingly, Bellossom is actually purple.

This release comes in tandum with the four-day Safari Zone event happening in Taiwan.

Image courtesy of Niantic Labs.