Pokemon Go Shiny Snover: How to Find the Shiny Version

Pokemon GO Snover has a shiny version!
Pokemon GO Snover has a shiny version! / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Snover has a shiny version! Snover is a rather interesting looking Pokemon. A cool-looking hat sitting up top. It even grows berried around it's stomach that taste like holiday treats (according to its Pokedex entry). First appearing in the Gen 4 games, players have been trying to get their hands on Snover for awhile. With Pokemon Go's December event in full swing, Snover-hunters have even more to look forward to, as its shiny variant was just made available in Pokemon GO.

Along with a really festive variant of Stantler coming to the game, the holiday event also unlocks the potential for Snover appearance to instead be a Shiny Snover. Shiny Snover's are among the more difficult Shiny Pokemon to recognize, as the changes made between the normal variant and the shiny are subtle.

The shiny version of Snover features blue sleeves at the end of its arms. This is easy to confuse with the shift in coloration along it's middle band, but this is a sign of different gender, not a denotation of being shiny!

Pokemon GO: How to Catch Shiny Snover

Those hunting Snover will have their best luck around parks and parking lots, though hiking trails and golf courses also offer decent spawn rates. Meadows, nature reserves, and ski resorts are also great places to check. Be aware that none of these locations guarantee a spawn of a Shiny Snover, these are just the most common places the Pokemon will spawn at, enabling a trainer with enough dedication to keep scouting the same areas until they get lucky.