Pokemon GO Slowpoke Kanto vs Galar: Which is Better

Galarian Slowpoke features yellow markings on its head.
Galarian Slowpoke features yellow markings on its head. / Image courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company

We'll be comparing the Kanto and Galar versions of the loveable hippo-like Pokémon, Slowpoke.

When it comes to Pokémon, one of my all-time favorites is the slightly dazed Slowpoke. Regardless of its usefulness in battle, it's hard not to find Slowpoke's dim and dozey nature somewhat endearing. Perhaps that says more about me than anything. Originally introduced to the Kanto region as a Gen I Pokémon, this hardy creature received a Galarian form in Pokémon: Sword and Shield, bringing a fresh look to the OG Pokémon.

Both of these region-specific forms of Slowpoke have made their way to Pokémon GO, but you might be wondering which one is better. Here's a rundown of the comparisons.

Pokemon GO Slowpoke Kanto vs Galar Stats

Slowpoke's Kanto and Galarian forms share the same stats. These include:

  • Maximum CP: 1386
  • Maximum HP: 207
  • Attack: 109
  • Defense: 98

The main difference comes from their typing, and the typing of the Pokémon each can evolve into.

Kantonian Slowpoke

The Kantonian Slowpoke is a dual water and psychic-type. It is particularly weak to bug, ghost, grass, electric, and dark-types while being resistant to fighting, steel, fire, water, psychic, and ice-types. Its fast attacks include Water Gun and Confusion, while its charged attacks consist of Psychic, Water Pulse or Psyshock. The Kanto version evolves into Kanto Slowbro, also a duel water/psychic-type.

Galarian Slowpoke

As for Galarian Slowpoke, this version is purely psychic making it weak to bug, ghost and dark-types. It is resistant to fighting and other psychic-types. Its fast attacks include Confusion and Iron Tail, while its charged attacks consist of Surf, Psyshock, and Psychic. The Galarian version evolves into Galarian Slowbro, a dual poison/psychic type.

Pokemon GO Slowpoke Kanto vs Galar: Which is Better

The two region-specific Pokémon are fairly similar. The main differences come with their specific types which would translate to their usefulness in battle. As a dual-type Pokémon, Kanto Slowpoke has few more type-weaknesses compared to its Galarian counterpart. At the same time, the Kanto version also boasts more resistances, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword.

Going off of this point alone, it seems that the Galarian Slowpoke might be the most useful out in the field. With fewer weaknesses, it's more likely to hold its own, only taking normal damage from the majority of types. It's worth noting, that should you evolve the Galarian Slowpoke to Galarian Slowbro, the Pokémon gains another type: poison. This gives it a new resistance to grass, poison, and fairy-types while swapping its bug weakness for ground.