Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Cancelled for Week of Feb. 24

Pokémon Go logo from the official Twitter
Pokémon Go logo from the official Twitter / The Pokémon Company, Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is a recent event from Niantic Labs. It appears, due to the success of their larger scale featured Pokemon events such as Community Day, Niantic is looking to spread that frenetic joy even further.

A new Pokemon will be featured for an hour every week with increased spawning rates and the possibility for a shiny. The Pokemon, itself, tends to be a random decision from the company. Although, this doesn't mean it still won't be useful to players looking to compete or complete their Pokedex.

Unlike Community Day, the featured Pokemon will not contain any special bonuses or moves.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Cancelled for Week of Feb. 24

This event commonly takes place on Tuesday evenings between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. During this time, players can traverse their neighborhoods with the expectation that the featured Pokemon will appear more frequently.

The exact number value of the increased spawn is unknown as the event is still in its experimental stages.

Unfortunately, trainers won't be able to enjoy Spotlight Hour this week. Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour have both been cancelled, according to a recent tweet from the official Pokemon Go Twitter account.

Players can expect to see this event return next week at its usual time. There is no word on a confirmed cause for the cancellation or what the featured Pokemon was supposed to be this week.