Pokémon GO Spring Cup 2023 Details

Courtesy of Pokémon GO

Welcoming the beauty of the new season, the Spring Cup is coming to Pokémon GO to provide players an additional challenge for some of their Pokémon to be enlisted.

In Pokémon GO, trainers can participate in battles and earn points to climb the ranks and reach higher leagues. The Battle League has different seasons and themes, and each season has a unique set of rewards.

Below are some important details players need to know going into the tournament in order to make sure they can wig big and further train their Pokémon for the long-run.

Pokémon GO Spring Cup 2023 Details

For this specific Pokémon GO tournament, players are permitted to only bring Pokémon who are Grass-, Water- or Fairy-type. The Pokémon can have this as one of their typings, and have other typings that do not fall under one of these three, but they must have this typing for one of their types in order to be admit-table into the tournament.

The other requirements are that the Pokémon be at 1,500 CP or lower. So, all Pokémon that meet those requirements are good to be entered in the competition to help players.

The only Pokémon that is banned from the tournament is Toxapex, a Water- and Poison-type, likely due to the fact that its poison typing may provide it an additional advantage, in combination with the fact that its CP is also very high.

The Spring Cup will start Apr. 5 at 4 p.m. and will be available until Apr. 12 at 4 p.m.