Pokemon GO Stardust Event is a week-long reward period for completing Blanche's Stardust Research Challenge during Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama.

This Global Challenge was themed around Stardust and Team Mystic. At Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama, like at previous GO Fests, there was a set of collective challenges that all players could contribute to. The requirements for this Global Challenge were increased from previous events, but players from all teams came together to complete them.

Pokemon GO Stardust Event

From Aug. 13-20, all players will benefit from triple Catch and Hatch Stardust and a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for completing a Raid.

Star Pieces used during the event will also be extended from the usual 30 minutes to a full hour of use. Combining the Star Pieces with the other bonuses will surely rack up a lot of Stardust.

As an additional reward for completing all of the challenges, Suicune will be available to battle for a special Raid Day on Aug. 17. There will also be an increased encounter rate for a Shiny Suicune.

Stardust is the most valuable resource in Pokemon GO, so be sure to take advantage of the event week and earn as much as you can to Power Up your Pokemon.

Photo courtesy of Niantic.