Pokémon GO: Storage Cap Increased

Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokémon GO has announced that they will be increasing trainers' storage capacity before the last two Community Day events of 2021. Increased Pokémon and Item storage is big news for long-time Pokémon GO players.

On Twitter, Niantic shared with players that for November's Community Day, players increased Pokémon storage can be maximized to 5,000, while item storage can be maximized to 4,000. The storage increase went live a week before November's Community Day and is currently available.

Community Day is a six-hour event, once a month, that features a Pokémon, different bonuses, and chances to evolve a Pokémon or teach it a new move. This event offers players of Pokémon GO many rewards that can only be obtained on Community Day.

Pokémon GO: Storage Cap Increased

November Community Day will go live on Nov. 21 from 11 a.m to 5 p.m local time. During this six-hour event, trainers have a high chance of catching the featured Gen IV Pokémon Shinx. For those who evolve their Shinx to Luxio during this event, they will also obtain the charged move Psychic Fangs upon evolving to its final form, Luxray.

This month's Community Day is also offering players the ability to obtain up to three free Gym Raid Passes. Also, a three-hour incense and lure duration bonus, 1/4 Egg hatch distance, and increased storage will all be featured.

Pokémon GO is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the popular mobile game, and recently announced an Ed Sheeran x Pokémon GO crossover that will feature on Nov. 22.