Pokemon GO Storage Increased by Niantic Labs

Photo courtesy of Niantic

The maximum limit of trainers' Pokemon storage in Pokemon GO has been increased again, announced Niantic on Friday. Now, trainers can upgrade their Pokemon storage to take even more Pokemon on their journeys.

Pokemon GO Storage Increase Explained

The maximum Pokemon storage is now 4,500, increased from the previous 4,000. This allows trainers to carry more Pokemon with them and reduces the need to transfer Pokemon frequently to make more space. Trainers can purchase as much Pokemon storage as they need from the shop until they reach this limit.

Typically, you can buy 50 slots of Pokemon storage in the Shop using 200 PokeCoins. But for trainers who are looking to expand after the new storage increase, Niantic is selling a limited-time bundle of two storage upgrades for the price of one. For 200 PokeCoins, you'll receive 100 slots of Pokemon storage, a great deal for trainers short on Coins. The bundle lasts until June 7 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The Pokemon storage increase also helps trainers prepare for Gible Community Day, which is right around the corner. With the extra slots, you'll be able to carry plenty of Gible without worrying about having to transfer them too often.

It seems like Niantic is sticking to their schedule of increasing the Pokemon storage limit by 500 every six months. The previous storage increase occurred on Dec. 1, 2020; trainers can expect another storage increase at the end of the year.