Pokemon GO Strange Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Pokemon GO has a lot of ways for players to obtain new and rare Pokemon, one of which involves hatching different types of eggs. Pokemon GO's eggs require the player to walk a certain amount of kilometers in order for the egg to hatch. The game currently has 2 km, 5 km, 7 km, 10 km, and Strange 12 km eggs.

Pokemon eggs can be obtained at certain PokeStops, or as gifts from friends. Strange eggs, however, require a different path of obtaining them.

Strange eggs are given as a reward for beating Team GO Rocket leaders. Players can hatch Dark- or Poison-type Pokemon from these eggs. Pokemon who can evolve into a Dark- or Poison-type Pokemon can also be obtained through Strange eggs. You will have to walk 12 kilometers when trying the hatch these eggs.

Pokemon GO Strange Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

Strange eggs are freckled with red spots and can be received by battling Arlo, Cliff, or Sierra. Players should use Pokemon such as Golurk when battling Arlo, or Genesect when fighting Cliff. Read more about how Pokemon GO fixed its Team Rocket Battles for players.

Here's a list of Pokemon that can hatch from Strange eggs:

  • Absol (Dark-type)
  • Larvitar (Rock- and Ground-type)
  • Pawniard (Dark- and Steel-type)
  • Sandile (Dark- and Ground-type)
  • Trubbish (Poison-type)
  • Scraggy (Dark- and Fighting-type)
  • Vullaby (Dark- and Flying-type)
  • Deino (Dark- and Dragon-type)

Players might obtain several Shiny Pokemon from Strange eggs, such as Absol, Deino, and Larvitar.