Pokemon Go summer raid list of all the bosses for the season is already available, with legendary Pokémon around to be caught in special timed events. Here are all the bosses players will be able to defeat and catch this summer.

Pokemon Go Summer Raid List: What to Bosses to Expect This Summer

  • Tier 1: Burmy (Plant, Sandy, Trash), Drifloon and Shinx
  • Tier 2: Sableye, Misdreavus, Mawile and Sneasel
  • Tier 3: Machamp, Crawdaunt, Sharpedo, Gengar, Scyther and Raichu (Alola)
  • Tier 4: Marowak (Alola), Houndoom, Tyranitar and Absol
  • Tier 5: Cresselia (from May 27 to June 18), Kyogre (from June 18 to June 27) and Groudon (from June 27 to July 10)
  • EX: Deoxys (Defense)

This summer will also see three Community Days with special Pokémon on offer. June 8 will introduce a Slakoth-focused Community Day, while July 21 and Aug. 3 have yet to have their Pokémon stars announced.

Photo courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company