Pokémon GO TCG Cards Release Date

Image courtesy of The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon GO and Pokémon TCG crossover event is well under way in Pokémon GO. From a special event Pokémon available to catch (Pikachu sporting a stylish TCG hat), to some iconic Kanto Pokémon getting featured again like Dragonite and all three starter evolution lines, and to the special event collection challenges, trainers have a ton to do in this next event leading up to June Community Day.

Fans of the trading card game have to wait just a little bit longer before they get their half of the crossover event though, as the special Pokémon GO TCG cards are not available to buy yet. Find out when they'll be hitting stores below.

Pokémon GO TCG Cards Release Date

The Pokémon GO TCG is set to hit stores within two weeks, on July 1. On July 1, players will gain access to special booster packs and boxes, featuring brand new Pokémon GO themed cards, like a Ditto card hiding under a fake layer of a different Pokémon, or a brand new Melmetal VMax.

Check out a more complete list of the roster of cards coming to the expansion here.

Despite the long list of confirmed cards for this expansion, many cards still have not been confirmed meaning that you may get some neat surprises when you open up your first pack. The cards will be available to purchase anywhere online or in stores that typically sell Pokémon cards.

One of the brand new Mewtwo cards has already been listed at a pre-order price of $999.99 on TCGPlayer, so if you are hyped about any of these expansion cards, a little bit of patience will likely be key to getting the ones you want at a good price.