Pokémon GO Team Leaders New Looks Revealed

Niantic, Pokémon Company

The latest Pokémon GO Fashion Week caught some players off-guard when it was revealed that the team leaders received a character design. Based on the reaction it is safe to say that some people are fans of these new looks.

People Are Not Fans of the Pokémon GO Team Leader Redesigns

Anytime a beloved character gets a new look or an update there are always some fans who are left disappointed. The three team leaders in Pokémon GO join the long list of video game characters who have angered fans by changing appearances.

For the first time since the game launched in 2016, Professor Willow along with the three team leaders Spark, Blanche, and Candela got a change in appearance. Dedicated Pokémon GO players have grown an attachment to the team leader they selected when they first started playing.

Each character is still recognizable these designs are nothing compared to how Sonic was meant to look for his first movie. The criticism regarding the new look for the leaders is more for the uninspired wardrobes that they are wearing for the fashion week.

When Pokémon GO players attempt a training battle they will get a glimpse of the new look leaders. The leader who fans believe got downgraded the worse was Blanche of Team Mystic. People are not liking the sweater-vest and gigantic hipster glasses.

Losing their traditional Pokémon garbs for more modern causal outfits made some fans feel like the characters lost their iconic looks. It did not help that when the update first arrive that the leaders had a bug that caused them to have stretched-out necks. This has since been patched.