Pokemon GO Team Rocket Email: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Email
Pokemon GO Team Rocket Email / Niantic Labs

Pokemon GO Team Rocket email is a big topic of conversation this week among Pokemon GO players.

Some trainers are waking up to find a mysterious e-mail in their inbox this week. This message, addressed to "Team GO Rocket Grunts," alludes to something massive going down on July 7, 2020. It briefly mentions the "balloon team" and congratulates them for their hard work designing and testing hot air balloons this year. The executives Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff are mentioned, as well.

The message goes on to address the scraps of paper found by the trainer team leaders and handed to Professor Willow earlier. Apparently, they are from a construction manual that somehow got leaked to Willow.

Somebody at Team GO Rocket definitely got fired for this one.

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Email

While there isn't a lot of concrete information detailing exactly what the plans are this time around for Team GO Rocket, we know that it has something to do with the infamous hot air balloons made popular by the Pokemon anime.

Perhaps this is why the special event Pikachu this week was floating using party balloons? It's possible this was foreshadowing all along.

It appears that they may try another invasion—similar to the one currently plaguing PokeStops in local neighborhoods. According to Willow, "We must brace ourselves for whatever is coming."