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​​Pokémon GO Togedemaru: Everything You Need to Know

Photo courtesy of Pokémon GO

Togedemaru is coming into Pokémon GO for the first time! As a part of the Test Your Mettle event, this roly-poly Pokémon will be debuting in the game Friday, Sept. 18. 

Togedemaru was first introduced into the franchise in the Alola region, as a part of generation seven. This electric and steel-typed Pokémon is known for its small hedgehog-like appearance and for having two yellow spots on its cheeks. Regardless of having no evolution form, Togedemaru is a good addition to the team for its good physical attack and speed stat. Here is a guide to how to get your hands on Togedemaru in Pokémon GO, and read on to find out if it will be available in its shiny form.

​​Pokémon GO Togedemaru: Everything You Need to Know

How to Catch Togedemaru:
As a part of the Test Your Mettle event, Togedemaru will spawn more frequently along with other steel-typed Pokémon, so there will be plenty of opportunities to find it. The generation seven Pokémon will be catchable in the wild, one-star raids, and as a Field Research task encounter.

Strengths and Weaknesses
For its steel and electric typing, Togedemaru is vulnerable to fighting and fire-type moves, rendering it especially weak to ground-type moves. Togedemaru is a good asset to the team as it's immune to poison-type moves and resistant to normal, flying, rock, bug, steel, grass, electric, psychic, ice, dragon, and fairy-type moves. In terms of its moveset, its strongest attacks are Spark and Wild Charge.

Unfortunately, to start, Togedemaru will not appear in its shiny form. However, be sure to catch this Pokémon before the Test Your Mettle event ends on Sept. 21.