Pokemon GO Trainer Battles Not Working: How to Fix the Problem

Pokemon GO trainer battles not working is a frequent problem since trainer battles were introduced. While the problem has happened less and less since the inception of the new mode, it still can be an issue.

Here are a few ways to fix the problem.

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles Not Working

The problem seems to stem from Android devices. Players in the community hae stated enabling Automatic Time in their phone's settings as a viable fix. This seems to fit the problem of PvP matches not starting.

This bug also appears in "rooted" phones. Those players use an Android app called ClockSync. This app was reportedly effective for a lot of Pokemon Go players that were using rooted phones.

And if none of these work, simply try restarting your phone. If you're still encountering any problems with Pokemon GO still, there's always tech support to try and solve your issues.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs