Pokemon GO Triple XP is live now! As a reward for completing Candela’s XP Research Task at the Pokemon GO Global Challenge in Dortmund, Germany last weekend, a new week of XP bonuses has been unlocked for all players. 

Pokemon GO Triple XP: Everything You Need to Know

Beginning July 9th and ending July 16th, players will be able to get:

3x Catch XP

3x Hatch XP

2x Raid XP

One Hour Lucky Eggs

As a bonus reward, the Legendary Pokemon Entei will appear in raids on July 14. If you’re lucky, you just might find a Shiny Entei. Don’t miss this opportunity to farm a ton of XP and add Entei to your collection!

The next and final Pokemon GO Global Challenge for this year will take place in Yokohama, Japan, on Aug. 12. It will be Stardust focused, and the bonus raid will be Suicune, once again with a chance to find a Shiny Suicune.

Photo courtesy of Niantic