Pokemon GO Tyranitar Best Moveset

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

There’s plenty of good Pokemon in the game, though very few possess the power and prowess Tyranitar has. If a trainer ever gets one, here’s the Pokemon’s best moveset.

Tyranitar first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver as the final stage of the Larvitar line. This Ground/Dark-type is considered to be one of the most feared Pokemon in the entire series, boasting terrifyingly high damage with defense to match.

In Pokemon GO, Tyranitar is still a goliath among Pokemon, and with Larvitar being a featured Pokemon in the ongoing event, players have the chance to evolve and train their very own beast.

Pokemon GO Tyranitar Best Moveset

When it comes to Tyranitar’s best moves, there’s little difference between offensive and defensive play. For both playstyles, Tyranitar’s best Fast Move is Smack Down. However, Smack Down is an Elite Fast Move, so using an Elite Fast TM on Tyranitar isn’t a bad choice, especially when it fits both methods of play. As for Charge Moves, there are two different Charge Moves that are best on Tyranitar. For attacking, the best Charge Move is Stone Edge, and Crunch is the best move for defending. 

For those without access to Elite Fast TMs, Bite serves as a good substitute for an attack build. For a defense build, Iron Tail is a good compromise. However, it’s still highly recommended to use an Elite Fast TM on Tyranitar to gain the Smack Down move.

Tyranitars can be found and caught in the wild, though they can also be acquired by finding and evolving a Larvitar to its final stage.