Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus Teased: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus will be a special event for completing all of the Global Challenges during the Pokemon GO Fests this year.

Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus

There isn't much known about the Ultra Bonus yet, but given previous datamined event data, we're sure it's going to be a Jirachi event.

Jirachi was previously available for Pokemon GO Fest Chicago attendees only. If the previous year's Celebi event is anything to go by, we can expect to see a global release soon as the last GO Fest concludes.

The datamined event scenario has you catch Hoenn region Pokemon like Whismur, which you'll evolve into Loudred in an attempt to wake up Jirachi. You'll then have to catch a few Steel and Psychic type Pokemon to prove your worth to the Wish Pokemon.

Jirachi itself is a Steel and Psychic type with rounded stats and high CP. It has the highest HP and the second highest CP among Steel types, making quite the formidable Rock and Ice counter.

If you couldn't attend GO Fest Chicago, this will be your first chance to get your hands on Jirachi. This week there is also a triple Stardust event going on for completing the Global Challenge, and look for the Suicune Raid later on Aug. 17. Look out for our coverage when the Ultra Bonus event goes live.

Photo courtesy of Niantic