Pokemon GO Verizon Promo Code: How to Claim

Pokemon GO: Altered-form Giratina in raid battles now!
Pokemon GO: Altered-form Giratina in raid battles now! / Photo courtesy of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Verizon Promo Code is available for those wanting some free rewards.

Stuck at home, burning incense and running out of poke-balls? Even with the one (1) coin bundles that Pokemon GO shop has offered, it might not be enough. Now, Verizon has come to their players' rescue and announced a new promotion for their 'more at home'.

For all their 'more at home' Verizon customers, this promotion does not cost them anything extra and is a wonderful bonus to families and their customers. The promo code will be available for users till June 6, 2020.

Pokemon GO Verizon Promo Code


  • 2x Incense
  • 65x Poke-balls
  • 1x Free premium battle pass

How to Get Pokemon GO Verizon Promo Code

Pokemon GO players who want to get access to this code will first need to be members of Verizon's 'more at home' program. This means that they have bought or are using both home and mobile Verizon services, also know as Verizon Wireless and Fios.

Offers can be seen on this link and once clicked on the Pokemon GO section, it will have you sign into your account. Only after this, the promo code will be given to the player.

For Android players, it's as easy as typing in a discount code in the shop. For iOS, Apple phone players, the code must be put into Niantic's offer redemption page as the promo code feature has not been developed for their software.

Niantic and Pokemon GO have adapted exceptionally well and addressed the COVID-19 situation for their players in a manner that has increased their popularity again. For a game that requires the outside world, the remote play features that have now been incorporated have been a blessing to all.