Pokemon GO Winter Wishes Path: Best to Choose

Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company

For the second part of Pokémon GO's Winter Holiday Event, there will be a Timed Research task called Winter Wishes. For this research, task players can select one of three paths to complete. Any Pokémon fan is used to the prospect of selecting making choices whether it be selecting a starter Pokémon or what team to represent in Pokémon GO. Some might be wondering for Winter Wishes which path is the best.

Pokemon GO Winter Wishes Path: Best to Choose

For all three paths in Winter Wishes all the tasks and rewards are the same. What sets each path apart is the bonus perk that trainers will have during the rest of the winter event. The only difference for the rewards will be at the very end of the task.

These are the bonuses each path will give players during Winter Holiday Part 2:

  • Egg-Hatching Path - Egg-hatching distances are halved
  • Catching Path - Double Catch XP
  • Stardust Path - Double Stardust

After completing all the tasks for Winter Wishes players will earn an encounter with Galarian Mr. Mime encounter along with one other reward depending on the player's path.

  • Egg Hatching Path - one Incubator and Galarian Mr. Mime encounter
  • Catching Path - one Egg and Galarian Mr. Mime encounter
  • Stardust Path - one Star Piece and Galarian Mr. Mime encounter

Those interested in participating in the research task have until 8 p.m. local time on Dec. 31 to purchase access for $5.00. When determining the best path the earlier players bought the research task the bonuses will have a larger impact on their choice. If Pokémon GO players enter last minute perhaps the end reward will determine which path they take.