Pokemon GO World Tourism Day Research: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO World Tourism Day research tasks are one of the most important parts of this event. World Tourism Day is all about connecting trainers from all over the world and igniting the spirit of travel in everyone. If you're looking to make some new additions to your team or flesh out your PokéDex regionals, these next six days with Professor Willow should be your top priority.

Here's what you can expect from completing your World Tourism Day research.

Pokemon GO World Tourism Day Research

There are three main research tasks you'll need to worry about for the next few days. Each one awards a rare Pokémon encounter that you may not have found in the wild yet. Fortunately, they aren't incredibly difficult, but they do encourage the spirit of global connection this event wants to push for.

The first task is to make a new friend. You only need to make one and this event most likely should flow into the next. For this reason, we recommend you reach out and try to make a contact far away. This could possibly mean abroad, if you're able. The reward for completing this task is a encounter with a Nosepass.

The second task is to trade a Pokémon with your new friend—or any friend—over 10000 km away. Your reward for this will be an encounter with a Zangoose if you're in North or South America and Africa or a chance to catch Seviper in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The final task is to gift at least 25 gifts to friends for an encounter with the travelling Pokémon Lapras.

Image courtesy of Niantic Labs