Pokemon GO X Pokemon TCG Collaboration Confirmed

Pokemon Go X Pokemon TCG have confirmed a collaboration.
Pokemon Go X Pokemon TCG have confirmed a collaboration. / Courtesy of The Pokemon Go Team.

Pokemon Go X Pokemon TCG has confirmed a collaboration. On March 4, the official Pokemon GO website went on to explain that because 2021 marked the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, as well as the release of Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red, the two games would come together in different phases.

According to the website, a Professor Willow card will be released this summer of 2021 which would mark the fifth anniversary of Pokemon GO. The card will be sold on an international scale, or more specifically wherever Pokemon Trading Cards are being sold.

The press release published on Twitter claims that more details regarding the crossover will come soon. This may be referring to the Pokemon Go Team's plan of announcing the art and content of the upcoming Professor Willow card sometime in "late May 2021." Later on, they state that even more announcements will be made "as further collaborations are determined."

Although the announcement was broadcasted on various social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, some fans noticed that there was difficulty accessing the news from the Pokemon Go app itself. In a response to the tweet showing the crossover, some followers shared a similar screenshot where they could see the main logo but not the details that followed.

Other users claimed to have a similar problem, but thankfully the announcement was broadcasted through different channels so that everyone can read what the crossover entails. More announcements should arrive in late May, and the Pokemon Go Team has alluded to even more crossovers to come in time for the celebration of the 25th anniversary.