Pokémon Home Maintenance: How to Check if Servers Are Down

Pokémon Company, ILCA

Pokémon Home, the network-like platform that players can use to transfer their Pokémon from one game to another, frequently requires updates and patch fixes due to the immense amount of connection that goes into the running of the application.

Pokémon Home can be used to house Pokémon from all sorts of Pokémon games, including, but not limited to, Pokémon GO, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon Sword and Shield and many others, for transfer to compatible games.

There are a multitude of sources players can turn to for information on why Pokémon Home may either be running incorrectly, or not at all, and we've compiled some of these sources below.

Pokémon Home Maintenance: How to Check if Servers Are Down

There are a couple options for players to find out whether or not the servers are down, and that may be the reason there is some conflict accessing their Pokémon collection.

First, is that when opening the app on either a phone or the Nintendo Switch, there should be an announcement that will detail when maintenance may be occurring, either as a pop-up or the information should be easily accessible in the game.

However, for additional resources, this link here, from Nintendo's official website will detail when their servers are having trouble running and provide other details regarding potential issues.

If those other two sources fail, of course there is the unofficial Pokémon Home Twitter account, @PokemonHome_, that provides information on what is going on with maintenance and when players can expect these updates to be fixed, in addition to other Pokémon Home news.

So, while servers are running well according to all three websites, catch some Pokémon to send to your Pokémon Home!