Pokemon Legends Arceus Cherrim: Best Way to Find Them

Photo courtesy Nintendo and Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cherrim is one of the many Pokemon that is necessary to complete a request in the game, specifically, “To Bloom or Not to Bloom." A key element of the game Arceus is to find Pokemon to fill one’s Pokedex or give Pokemon to NPCs in the game in order to progress further. As the newest addition to the Pokemon series, the game was released on Jan. 28, with some challenging requests such as finding the Cherrim, many may need assistance in order to complete the quest.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cherrim

The newest Pokemon Legends Arceus is the most recent addition to the Pokemon series, taking place before the concept of gyms or trainers, this prequel transports players to an ancient time of the Pokemon world.

As requests populate your journey, to either fill one’s Pokedex or to give Pokemon to others, one of the earliest requests, “To Bloom or Not to Bloom," asks the player to find the Pokemon Cherrim to fulfill the passage in their Pokedex and present it to Kichi in Jubilife Village.

The Cherry and Blossom Pokemon, Cherrim, or in its devolved form, Cherubi, is particularly rare to find in its evolved form, so it would be much easier to find a Cherubi and then evolve it.

The reason why the Cherrim needs to be presented to Kichi is because of its weather-changing appearance.

How to Find and Catch a Cherubi or Cherrim

The easy solution to getting a Cherrim is to catch its devolved counterpart to evolve it. But the reason why these Pokemon are so rare to find is that they only come from shaking trees, which is what makes this task so difficult because shaking trees are not easy to find either.

To battle a Pokemon in the shaking trees to capture it, throw a Pokemon into the tree and it will initiate a battle, and one of the many Pokemon that a player may come across is a Cherubi or Cherrim.

Cherubi hangs out in trees in The Heartwood in the Obsidian Fieldlands, the Gapejaw Bog in the Crimson Mirelands, and three areas in the Coronet Highlands: Lonely Spring, Fabled Spring, and Primeval Grotto. But most likely, finding a Cherubi won’t happen if the Coronet Highlands hasn’t been explored.

After attacking any tree that shakes in the areas listed, and successfully capturing a Cherubi, level it up to 25 and manually evolve it into a Cherrim.

By luck, a Cherrim can be found through the same method and areas as a Cherubi, but it is considerably rare.

Once collecting a Cherrim and adding to the Pokedex, either by luck or manually evolving a Cherubi, go find Kichi in the agricultural corps. And present the Pokedex for the Cherrim.