Pokemon Legends: Arceus 'Daybreak' DLC Patch Notes: Full Notes Explained

We've found and broken down the full patch notes for the latest update to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.
We've found and broken down the full patch notes for the latest update to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. / The Pokemon Company, Game Freak

We've found and broken down the full patch notes for the latest update to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ver. 1.1.0 "Daybreak" DLC Patch Notes

Below, we've lifted the important highlights from the latest version's patch notes and streamlined them for trainers' convenience. Here's everything to expect from Version 1.1.0: Daybreak.

New Endgame Requests have been Added

Trainers will be able to take on brand new requests from Jubilife Villagers and other NPCs after viewing the credits screen. According to Nintendo, "Some of these requests will task you with surveying occurrences of the mysterious Massive Mass Outbreak phenomenon, in which simultaneous mass outbreaks of Pokémon occur throughout an area of the Hisui region."

Massive Mass Outbreaks as a mechanic will exist beyond these requests once completed.

Those who have already viewed the credits scene will be able to jump into this endgame content automatically.

Eternal Battle Reverie Endgame Mode

After viewing the ending credits scene, trainers will have the opportunity to meet Arceus in their dreams and undergo a test of their strength in battle in the "Eternal Battle Reverie." They will be tasked to see just how many battles they can survive before being unable to battle.

New Battles Added to Training Grounds

Trainers can undertake the Path of Solitude or Path of Tenacity at the Training Grounds.

The Path of Solitude has players pick a single Pokemon and overcome a challenge tailored to that Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, the Path of Tenacity pits trainers against Wardens and other powerful NPCs they've met during their journey.

New Features Added to Photography Studio

After completing the newly added requests, trainers will be able to take photos with their favorite characters from the game's narrative—including Adaman, Ingo, Palina, and Iscan.

High-Difficulty Balloon Race Added to Coronet Highlands

A new balloon race challenge has been added to the Coronet Highlands. Supposedly, this challenge requires several mount Pokemon to complete, making it the most difficult one in the game to date.

Special Berry Harvest at the Farm in Jubilife Village

Trainers will now be able to request a new "special berry harvest" at the farm in Jubilife Village. Fields will have the capacity to grow berries that were previously unavailable.

More Functions Added to Gingko Cart

Trainers will have more options to choose from when looking to purchase from the Gingko Guild merchant cart.

Other Misc. Update Details

  • We have fixed an issue that kept players from advancing the mission “The Plate of Moonview Arena” if they took a specific action within that mission.
  • We have fixed an issue in which under certain conditions, the weather could become stuck in one state.
  • A number of other issues have also been fixed in order to improve your gameplay experience.

More information about the update and its full patch notes can be found on Nintendo's official support website.