Pokemon Legends Arceus: Kleavor Revealed

Fans were treated to a new trailer of Pokemon Legends: Arceus this past Tuesday, and several new additions were showcased. A new evolution for Scyther was revealed in the showcase, named Kleavor, and here’s what is known so far about it. 

Scyther is a Pokemon that’s been around since the very beginning, debuting in Pokemon Red and Blue. This Bug/Flying mantis Pokemon received an evolution in the following game, becoming Scizor after trading it with a Metal Coat. In the new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus released Tuesday, it turns out Scizor isn’t going to be the only Scyther evolution in town, and players are excited to see the potential of this Axe Pokemon. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Kleavor Revealed

Kleavor is the Hisui evolution of Scyther, stemming from a reaction to the minerals found in the ancient region. It’s one of the few Hisui-exclusive Pokemon introduced in this entry, alongside others like Hisuian Braviary and Basculegion. Its axe-like appendages could likely deal some major damage, so this Pokemon could possibly have very high Attack and Defense stats, while lacking in the Special stats. It’s unknown whether this Pokemon will have a high Speed stat, as Scyther and Scizor tend to have.

As a Rock/Bug Pokemon, this Pokemon seems like an excellent contender to go against Flying-types with. In fact, this matchup can stand up against a multitude of Pokemon. Not much is known about this Pokemon beyond what the trailer reveals, and fans are super excited to see what this Pokemon’s made of. Well, besides rock.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is slated for a January 28, 2022 release date, playable only on the Nintendo Switch.