Pokemon Masters Android 10: Everything You Need to Know About Incompatibility Problems

Pokemon Masters Android 10 is giving a lot of users problems. Pokemon Masters was released a mere four days ago and has already amassed 10 million downloads. Still, a compatibility problem is keeping some players from launching the game.

Pokemon Masters Android 10: Everything you need to know

Android 10 rolled out Sept. 3, and soon it was reported by many players that Pokemon Masters would not run on the updated Android OS. Upon launching the game, it would immediately crash. Reinstalling the game has no effect.

DeNA has acknowledged the issue and recommends users to not update their system. Unfortunately, users who already updated to Android 10 are out of luck until DeNA fixes the problem.

Pokemon Masters is the latest mobile game based on a Nintendo IP. Unlike Pokemon GO, the focus in Pokemon Masters will be on battling and collecting Trainers and characters rather than Pokemon. It is more in line with a traditional Gacha mobile game, featuring random rolls for rare Characters.

Photo courtesy of DeNA.