Pokemon Masters Next Banner: Rock-Type Training Event

Pokemon Masters next banner will be a Rock-Type Training Event. The event will run until 2:59 a.m. ET Sept. 24 and will also feature Olivia and Lycanroc for scouting.

Pokemon Masters Next Banner: Rock-Type Training Event

While the Fire-type Gym Leader Blaine is on the cover for the banner, the event is actually focused on training up Rock-type Pokemon so you can defeat Blaine.

The event will have you face off against Trainers with Pokemon that are weak to Rock-type Pokemon, culminating in a battle against Blaine and Rapidash. He will be flanked by Bug-type users Viola and Bugsy, and their respective Masquerain and Beedrill. To participate in the event story, you must have completed Chapter 5 of the main Story.

This event also has a new scouting promotion with Olivia and Lycanroc having a doubled pull rate. Getting Olivia will give you a huge advantage to help you complete the event.

Olivia's Lycanroc is one of the strongest Pokemon you can acquire in the game currently, so you should be sure to use the scouting bonus during this period to get them.

Photo courtesy of DeNA.