Pokémon Presents Announced for Feb. 27, Possible Gen 9 Announcement

Image courtesy of The Pokémon Company

A new Pokémon Presents has been scheduled for this Sunday, with many fans speculating that a Gen 9 announcement could be on the way.

Scheduled for Feb. 27, which will also be Pokémon Day, this latest presentation is set to be 14 minutes long. It's currently unconfirmed what will be contained within this presentation, but it's clear that hype is building for Gen 9, having trended on Twitter earlier today.

The Pokémon Company have been teasing new content throughout this week, everything from new specials in Pokémon Cafe ReMix to Pokémon soundtracks. With the recent, and highly successful, release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, many fans have been anticipating news regarding upcoming DLC.

Regardless of what The Pokémon Company has planned for Sunday, it's sure to be an exciting presentation. So, how can you watch this latest Pokémon Presents?

How to Watch the Feb. 27 Pokémon Presents

The Pokémon Presents will be streaming via their official Pokémon YouTube channel on Sunday, Feb. 27th at 09:00 EST.

While official Pokémon channels have been relatively quiet regarding just what the Pokémon Presents will cover, it's worth noting that the broadcast will only be 14 minutes long. Set your expectations accordingly.