Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Blue Star Raids Explained


A new feature of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the Tera Raid Battle, which showcases the new Terastallize ability Pokémon can use. Some of these battles can be special Blue Star Raids--here's what you need to know about participating in one.

Similar to Pokémon GO's raid system, each battle has a varying level of difficulty, as measured by its star ranking. As more stars on a raid battle indicate a higher level of difficulty, players are encouraged to team up to increase the odds of winning the battle and earning rewards. While Blue Star Raids can appear at any difficulty, they are also limited to only appearing as a part of special events. Currently, the game's Eevee Spotlight event is underway, giving the opportunity for unique battles with its different Tera Types.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Blue Star Raids Explained

In addition to only appearing during special events, Blue Star Raids are each only accessible for a limited time. Successfully completing Blue Star Raids will grant exclusive perks and rewards, and as a result players are encouraged to team to increase the odds of winning.

To find a Blue Star Raid, look for a Tera Raid Crystal that glows white instead of its usual aura. They can also be found through the Tera Raid Search on the PokéPortal. Keep in mind that to participate in 5-star Blue Star Raids, 5-star raids will have to be unlocked beforehand during gameplay.