Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Skeledirge: What We Know So Far

Game Freak, The Pokemon Company

The ninth generation of Pokémon role-playing games is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18. This time players will explore the Paldea region which is inspired by the country of Spain. Some people have received access to games early legally and illegally. Regardless of how the game broke street date many of the new Pokémon making their debut in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been leaked. Here is what we know so far about the Pokémon Skeledirge.

Skeledirge: What We Know So Far

The Pokémon Skeledirge is reported to be a Fire and Ghost-type crocodile-looking Pokémon. It evolves from the Pokémon Crocalor and that Pokémon evolves from the fire starter Fuecoco. Trainers can supposedly evolve their Crocalor into Skeledirge once it reaches level 36.

Skeledirge will be registered as number 911 on the National PokéDex. The only confirmed move that Skeledirge will have is the fire move Blaze. It is known as a Singer Species of Pokémon. Here are the alleged base stats of Skeledirge.

  • Health Points - 104
  • Attack - 75
  • Defense - 100
  • Special Attack - 110
  • Special Defense - 75
  • Speed - 66

Not much else can be reported on Skeledirge. Those that are curious can look up its leaked design online along with the other leaked Pokémon including the other two final forms of the starters. New releases especially Pokémon games have consistently been leaked early online so many fans are used to it. Those worried about spoilers will not have to wait too much longer with the game launching Friday Nov. 18.