Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Stake Locations Listed

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In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players are encouraged to explore the Paldea region in any way they please. They can decide to go for Gym Badges or can hunt down the Team Star bosses, it is really up to the playstyle of each person. One thing players will start to notice are these glowing stakes in the ground. Collecting enough Stakes will unlock a Shrine Door which players can then find a Legendary Pokémon. There are four types of Shrines, each with eight stakes, making for a total of 32 to seek. Here are the locations of the stakes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Blue Stakes - Firescourge Shrine

  • Near Montenevera located northwest of the North Province.
  • On the map, it will be right on the text for North Province Area One which will be in the middle.
  • On the plateau southeast of Glaseado Mountain in the Tagtree Thicket.
  • South of Glaseasdo Mountain and west of Tagtree Thicket.
  • In front of the tree on the hill near the sea northeast of Levincia.
  • Above the letters w and o for Area Two of the North Province. It will be inside a ruin.
  • Northeast of the Pokémon Center, found it top of the mountain in North Province Area Two.
  • Find the mountain between North Province Area One and Two in the Fury Falls

With all eight Blue Stakes, the Firescourage Shrine will open letting you catch the legendary Pokémon Chi-Yu.

Green Stakes - Groundblight Shrine

  • Inside a cave in the West Province Area Two, you'll find it between Porto Marinada and Medali.
  • On the other side of the same cave you found the previous stake.
  • Use the bridge east of Porto Marinada to get to the area on the other side of the river facing the north of Porto Marinada.
  • In Casseroya Lake, look northwest of Medali and right under where the text for "Casseroya Lake" is placed under the map.
  • Northeast of the letter "e" for lake in Casseroya Lake.
  • Look for water and you'll find the stake on a plateau west of Glaseado Mountain and northeast of Medali.
  • Look around the snow-covered northwestern area of Glaseado Mountain and Montenevera.
  • The last will be on a plateau in the northwest part of Casseroya Lake near the North Paldean Sea.

Collecting all eight Green Stakes will open the Groundblight Shrine. The legendary Pokémon to catch here will be Ting-Lu.

Purple Stakes - Grasswither Shrine

  • On top of a hill found south of a Pokémon Center in the southwest of Artazon.
  • Located on the plateau northeast of Los Platos.
  • Found on top of a plateau northeast of the Pokémon Center in front of Mesagoza.
  • This one is found on a desert hill east of Mesagoza in the South Province overlooking a Pokémon Center.
  • South of Los Platos near a lake, find the spot overlooking the lighthouse from the beginning of the game.
  • On a plateau in the South Province Area Five look southeast of Mesagoza and northeast of Los Platos.
  • Found on top of a spot sticking out between Mesagoza and Artazon in the East Province Area One.
  • The last stake can be found near a lake by South Province Area One and Area Five. Players will have to search southeast of the Los Platos Pokémon Center.

With all eight Purple Stake players can catch the legendary Pokémon Wo-Chien in the Grasswither Shrine.

Yellow Stakes - Icerend Shrine

  • In South Province Area Six look for a greenery-filled area in the hills north of the lake with a landmass in its center.
  • Southeast of the Pokémon Center in the West Province Area One near the West Paldean Sea.
  • Look for a spot that looks like a Pokéball west of the Pokémon Center in the West Province Area One.
  • The stake should be in the middle of the Pokéball landmass.
  • Find this stake by a ruin located southeast of the Asado Desert and southwest of Cascaraffa.
  • Next to the Great Crater of Paldea in the South Province Area Two.
  • This one is next to a tall tree by the river just outside Cascaraffa.
  • On a plateau near a waterfall towards the east of Alfornada in the South Province Area Six.
  • The last stake can be found inside a cave to the north of Alfornada and to the west of Cortondo

Find all eight Yellow Stakes will grant players access to the Icerend Shrine. Here, players can catch the legendary Pokémon Chien-Pao