Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Release Date

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company.

When Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were revealed in February, fans began to build on the hype that is waiting for a new Pokemon generation to be released.

The trailers for the game show off what might be the most open Pokemon world yet, leaving fans excited at the possibility of a Pokemon game they have been waiting for. Of course, the main series of games is just one part of the Pokemon franchise. For fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, each new generation means new cards to collect and play.

When can fans of the Pokemon TCG expect Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to join the TCG?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Release Date

John-Anthony Disotto at Ludkins Media looked into when TCG expansions would be released in comparison to the release of a new mainline game. What he saw is that when Pokemon Sword and Shield was released in Nov. 2019, a Pokemon Sword and Shield TCG expansion was released in Japan by December, and brought to the West in Feb. 2020.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are scheduled to be released on Nov. 18. With the information Disotto detailed in his article in mind, we can expect to see a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG expansion reach western audiences by Feb. 2023.

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