Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Will Have Gym Tests

Photo Courtesy of Pokemon
Photo Courtesy of Pokemon / Photo Courtesy of Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet had some big news released recently.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is scheduled to release on Nov. 18, 2022. The adventure game is a must-have for Pokemon fans, and with a new gameplay trailer released early on Wednesday, we have a new feature of the game to talk about.

The first step to capturing the highly coveted champions' rank will require players to defeat all the gym leaders in the eight gyms across Paldea. However, before you can go and defeat the gym leader, you need to start off with a gym test.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Will Have Gym Tests

When starting out in a gym during Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players will first have to take part in a gym test before moving on to battle the gym leader. During this test, players will learn more about the customs and features each city and town has to offer in-game. The test will also give players more information about the gym leaders and other characters.

While players might like to rush past the gym tests to move on to bigger and better things within the game, they will provide a crucial opportunity for players to learn more about the characters and gain insight into what to expect from the gym itself.

Through the gym tests at each gym, players can expect to learn more about Ms. Geeta, the Chairwoman of the Pokemon League. You can check out the latest trailer for Scarlet and Violet below, you might just spot a few shots of the gym tests in action in the trailer.

The November release date cannot come soon enough for Pokemon fans to get started in Scarlet and Violet. There still is plenty of time to decide which pokemon you should pick as your partner.