Pokémon Sleep Recipe List: Curries, Salads, Drinks, Desserts

Snorlax and his friends relax in Pokémon Sleep
Snorlax and his friends relax in Pokémon Sleep / Nintendo

Here's every Pokemon Sleep recipe you need to know including Drinks, Desserts, Curries and Salads.

Every Pokémon Sleep player must know the importance of cooking. It's one of the easiest ways to strengthen a Snorlax. Doing this increases the big guy's Drowsy Power and lures more Pokémon towards it. Then, Pokémon with rare sleep patterns will visit the campsite!

There are several dishes to unlock in the game, including multiple varieties of each dish.

How to Cook in Pokémon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep Cooking
Cooking Tutorial / Nintendo

Recipes require ingredients. You gain ingredients by interacting with Helper Pokémon. Be sure to feed Pokémon biscuits after every sleep session to befriend them.

You can feed Snorlax up to three times a day:

  • Breakfast: 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  •  Lunch: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  •  Dinner: 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM

"Auto Cook" will let you make something by throwing random ingredients in a pot. "Choose a Recipe" will let you make a specific meal for Snorlax. Each Snorlax you meet will also have favorite dishes. Their strength will significantly increase when you feed them their favorite items.

Note: You need to unlock 12 different sleep types before you can use recipes to make meals.

Pokémon Sleep Recipe List

Pokémon Sleep Cooking
So many recipes to choose from. / Nintendo

All possible recipes may not be included in this list. You may have to unlock additional ones later in the game. If that happens, we'll update this list once we learn new recipes.

Serebii.net provided some of the information in these charts. This fan-made site gives helpful and accurate information about Pokémon games.


Dish Name


In-Game Description

Beanburger Curry

7x Bean Sausage

The tender bean patties are the stars of the show in this curry.

Bulk Up Bean Curry

12x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Bean Sausage, 4x Fiery Herb, 4x Fancy Egg

A hearty curry packed with nutrients needed for bulking up.

Dream Eater Butter Curry

18x Soft Potato, 15x Snoozy Tomato, 12x Soothing Cacao, 10x Moomoo Milk

The ingredients in this curry all share a connection to deep sleep.

Drought Katsu Curry

10x Bean Sausage, 5x Pure Oil

The freshly-fried cutlet has a nice sparkle to it.

Egg Bomb Curry

12x Honey, 11x Fancy Apple, 8x Fancy Egg, 4x Soft Potato

A curry made with oodles of love. Its ingredients are geared toward kids.

Fancy Apple Curry

7x Fancy Apple

A simple curry that lets the natural sweetness of its apples shine.

Grilled Tail Curry

8x Slowpoke Tail, 25x Fiery Herb

The tasty tail elevates the flavor of the curry roux to the next level.

Hearty Cheeseburger Curry

8x Moomoo Milk, 8x Bean Sausage

This voluminous curry is large enough to astound even a Snorlax.

Melty Omelet Curry

10x Fancy Egg, 6x Snoozy Tomato

This curry is topped with a masterfully-cooked omelet that simply melts in the mouth.

Mild Honey Curry

7x Honey

A mild curry containing plenty of honey. Kids gobble it down!

Mixed Curry

Any combination that doesn't match a recipe


Ninja Curry

15x Greengrass Soybeans, 9x Bean Sausage, 9x Large Leek, 5x Tasty Mushroom

This tofu curry is said to have been a favorite dish of ninjas.

Simple Chowder

7 Moomoo Milk

You can really taste the richness of the milk in this simple chowder.

Soft Potato Chowder

14x Tasty Mushroom, 9x Soft Potato

A thick chowder made from potatoes boiled until practically melting.

Solar Power Tomato Curry

10x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Fiery Herb

A curry made using tomatoes that have turned bright red in the sun.

Spicy Leek Curry

14x Large Leek, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Fiery Herb

The roasted leeks are fragrant and sweet as fruit, perfectly balancing the spicy roux.

Spore Mushroom Curry

14x Tasty Mushroom, 9x Soft Potato

A curry that puts you to sleep just as surely as the move Spore.


Dish Name


In-Game Description

Bean Ham Salad

8x Bean Sausage

This simple salad features ham made from Bean Sausages.

Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad

14x Soothing Cacao, 9x Bean Sausage

The savory sauce and sweet chocolate sauce let you enjoy a mix of flavors.

Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad

15x Fancy Apple, 5x Moomoo Milk, 3x Pure Oil

The simple seasoning keeps the focus on the sublime pairing of ingredients.

Fancy Apple Salad

8x Fancy Apple

A simple salad accentuated by a mashed apple dressing.

Gluttony Potato Salad

14x Soft Potato, 9x Fancy Egg, 7x Bean Sausage, 6x Fancy Apple

This potato salad contains just a hint of flavor from the Fancy Apples.

Heat Wave Tofu Salad

10x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Fiery Herb

A tofu salad covered in bright red spicy sauce.

Immunity Leek Salad

10x Large Leek, 5x Warming Ginger

The crisp leeks in this salad do wonders for the immune system.

Mixed Salad

Any combination that doesn't match a recipe


Moomoo Caprese Salad

12x Moomoo Milk, 6x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Pure Oil

A basic salad containing only cheese, tomatoes, and a splash of oil.

Ninja Salad

15x Large Leek, 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 12x Tasty Mushroom, 11x Warming Ginger

Ninjas cannot resist the flavor of this tofu salad. It's eaten in a flash!

Overheat Ginger Salad

17x Fiery Herb, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Snoozy Tomato

This salad's special ginger dressing warms you through and through.

Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad

10x Slowpoke Tail, 10x Fiery Herb, 15x Pure Oil

The mouth-tinglingly spicy pepper highlights the sweetness of the tail.

Snoozy Tomato Salad

8x Snoozy Tomato

The Snoozy Tomatoes in this simple salad are a great aid for sleep.

Snow Cloak Caesar Salad

10x Moomoo Milk, 6x Bean Sausage

A bacon salad topped with a generous snowy sprinkling of cheese.

Spore Mushroom Salad

17x Tasty Mushroom, 8x Snoozy Tomato, 8x Pure Oil

A salad rich in minerals that improve the quality of sleep.

Superpower Extreme Salad

9x Bean Sausage, 6x Warming Ginger, 5x Fancy Egg, 3x Soft Potato

A hefty salad that provides all your daily nutrients at once.

Water Veil Tofu Salad

10x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Snoozy Tomato

A salad topped with wobbly cubes of tofu.


Drink Name


In-Game Description

Craft Soda Pop

9x Honey

A highly carbonated artisan soda.

Ember Ginger Tea

9x Warming Ginger, 7x Fancy Apple

Apples have been added to the spicy ginger, helping the tea go down easily.

Fancy Apple Juice

8x Fancy Apple

A rich juice containing only the very best apples.

Hustle Protein Smoothie

15x Greengrass Soybeans, 8x Soothing Cacao

A glass of this sweet smoothie goes down a treat after a training session.

Lovely Kiss Smoothie

11x Fancy Apple, 9x Moomoo Milk, 7x Honey Soothing Cacao * 8

A relaxing drink that soothes your weariness and envelops you in sleep.

Mixed Juice

Any combination that doesn't match a recipe


Neroli's Restorative Tea

11x Warming Ginger, 15x Fancy Apple, 9x Tasty Mushroom

A special restorative tea made by Professor Neroli.

Stalwart Vegetable Juice

9x Snoozy Tomato, 7x Fancy Apple

An easy-to-make juice with natural sweet and sour flavors.

Warm Moomoo Milk

7x Moomoo Milk

Moomoo Milk that has been heated to further draw out its sweetness.


Dish Name


In-Game Description

Big Malasada

10x Pure Oil, 7x Moomoo Milk, 6x Honey

A special fried bread made using a recipe from the Alola region.

Cloud Nine Soy Cake

8x Fancy Egg, 7x Greengrass Soybeans

A soy cake with a nice, light texture.

Fluffy Sweet Potatoes

9x Soft Potato, 5x Moomoo Milk

These perfectly ripe potatoes don't rely on honey to deliver a sweet kick.

Huge Power Soy Donuts

9x Pure Oil, 6x Greengrass Soybeans, 7x Soothing Cacao

Soy donuts fried to crisp perfection. They're bodybuilders' friends.

Jigglypuff's Fruity Flan

20x Honey, 15x Fancy Egg, 10x Moomoo Milk, 10x Fancy Apple

A very special flan that's as springy as a balloon.

Lucky Chant Apple Pie

12x Fancy Apple, 4x Moomoo Milk

The chunky pieces of apple in this pie are lucky finds!

Steadfast Ginger Cookies

14x Honey, 12x Warming Ginger, 5x Soothing Cacao, 4x Fancy Egg

These cookies give you the power to tackle hardships without crumbling.

Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake

9x Honey, 8x Soothing Cacao, 7x Moomoo Milk

Neither people nor Pokémon can resist the lure of this cake's sweet aroma.

Recipe Levels

Fancy Apple Curry Recipe
Fancy Apple Curry Recipe / Nintendo

To understand recipe levels, players have to understand Dish Strength.

You must add more ingredients to a dish to increase its strength. Dish Strength automatically becomes Snorlax Strength once the Pokémon consumes it.

You'll get closer to leveling up a dish every time its strength increases. In short, the more you cook the same dish, the higher its level becomes. Higher-level recipes also yield more Strength to Snorlax.

How to Expand Cooking Pot

Pokemon Sleep Cooking Pot
Learning to cook / Nintendo

You will start off with a pot that can hold up to 15 ingredients. Eventually, you'll encounter recipes that require more ingredients. You'll need to find 35 different sleep patterns to expand your pot. Once that's done, you can tap on the pot in the top left corner of your campsite to upgrade it.