Pokémon Storage and Item Storage Increased in Pokémon GO

Courtesy of Niantic Labs

It is the season of giving and stockings are being stuffed. With all the events and other activities occurring during Pokémon GO's Mythical Wishes this December, players are likely to find their inventory stocked with items. According to a reliable data miner, Pokémon GO players may soon see their maximum item and Pokémon storage increased.

Pokémon Storage and Item Storage Increased in Pokémon GO

If the popular Pokémon GO data mining account PokeMiners is correct, players will soon have the option to increase their Max Bag item storage to 5,200 and their Max Pokemon storage to 6,200.

Players that have long maxed out both storage capacities will note that this is only a 50-space increase for each bag. It may not sound substantial, but any increase in space is appreciated in games like Pokémon GO.

There is nothing more annoying in any game that relies on item management to have a small inventory storage size. Whether it is Pokémon, Animal Crossing or Minecraft stopping your progress to reorganize items can be extremely tedious.

Even if the minimal 50-slot increase for Pokémon GO is true, it is still a welcomed update to close out the year with. This December certain tasks inspired by the holidays require Pokémon GO players to gift other players items so that extra item space might come in handy if you are being spammed with unwanted gifts.

Pokémon fans have had a healthy supply of content this year with two major titles on the Switch and continued support from Niantic on Pokémon GO.