Pokemon Sword and Shield Alcremie is the latest Pokemon to be introduced for the next generation of Pokemon. It was introduced on Monday morning in the newest trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In the trailer, we also got see what Alcremie looks like while using gigantamaxing. Gigantamaxing, unlike regular Dynamax, which only changes the size and strength of the Pokemon, will change the appearance of the Pokemon as well as size and power. Both Dynamax, and Gigantamaxing are new to Pokemon Sword and Shield and have not been in a previous game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Alcremie

Alcremie is a Fairy-type Pokemon with the ability, Sweet Veil. Her appearance is based on whipped cream and strawberries that then takes a cake form when its appearance changes due to Gigantamaxing.

When Alcremie is Gigantamaxing, it becomes a large, tiered cake with her normal form taking form at the very top of the cake. This form of Alcremie's is also seen in the trailer alongside other Pokemon having their appearances changed.

Cover Image Courtesy of The Pokemon Company