Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusives have started to be revealed, with each version of the game sporting small differences from the other. Though past Pokémon games have focused mostly on Pokémon as exclusives in each game, Sword and Shield have extended that ethos to gym leaders.

Here's everything that's been announced as exclusive to each title.

Pokemon Sword Exclusive Pokémon

  • Deino — Pokédex No. 633
  • Zweilous — Pokédex No. 634
  • Hydreigon — Pokédex No. 635
  • Jangmo-o — Pokédex No. 782
  • Hakamo-o — Pokédex No. 783
  • Kommo-o — Pokédex No. — 784

Pokemon Sword Exclusive Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Bea is the only leader Nintendo has confirmed will be exclusive to Pokémon Sword. Bea is a karate prodigy who specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon (shocker). She is a native of Galar and is marked by her gray eyes and stoic demeanor. Learn more about her here.

Pokemon Shield Exclusive Pokémon

  • Larvitar — Pokédex No. 246
  • Pupitar — Pokédex No. 247
  • Tyranitar — Pokédex No. 248
  • Goom — Pokédex No. 704
  • Sliggoo — Pokédex No. 705
  • Goodra — Pokédex No. 706

Pokemon Shield Exclusive Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Allister will be exclusive to Pokémon Shield. Allister is a Ghost-type specialist who has been a gym leader since a young age. His ghostly mask and striking purple eyes have already made him an emo hero to Pokémon fans. Learn more about him here.

Nintendo may announce more exclusives to each title, but for now these are the only ones we know for sure.

Photo courtesy of Game Freak/The Pokémon Company