Pokemon Sword and Shield Exclusives: New Galarian Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Exclusives are being revealed more and more as we approach the launch of the game. Here are all the currently known version specific Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Exclusives: New Galarian Form Exclusive Pokemon

The two newly revealed Galarian Pokemon will be version exclusives. Farefetch'd and Sirfetch'd will be exclusive to Sword, and Galarian Ponyta and allegedly Galarian Rapidash (if it doesn't evolve into a new Pokemon) will be Shield exclusives.

The sword wielding Zacian is the cover Pokemon for Sword, and the shielded dog Zamazenta represents Shield. While it isn't technically confirmed they are exclusive, it's tradition at this point.

Pokemon Sword Exclusives

Deino is a Dark and Dragon type Pokemon that evolves into Zweilous and then into Hydreigon. It was first introduced in Black/White.

Jangmo-o, first introduced in Sun/Moon, is a Dragon type that evolves into Hakamo-o and takes on the Fighting type. It then evolves into Kommo-o.

Pokemon Shield Exclusives

Larvitar was first introduced in Gold/Silver/Crystal. It is a Rock and Ground type that evolves into Pupitar, and then into Tyranitar. In its final form, it loses the Ground typing and picks up Dark instead.

Goomy's line first appeared in X/Y, and is the only pseudo-Legendary with a single type in its final form. Goomy evolves into Sliggoo, and then into Goodra.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release Nov. 15 2019.

Photos courtesy of Nintendo/GAMEFREAK