Pokemon Sword and Shield Pre-Order Bonuses

Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order bonuses vary depending on where you place your order. As we are given more gameplay footage, the game is shaping up to be a strong entry for the series' debut on the Nintendo Switch.

You might even want to pre-order to make sure you get the game on release day, as it's sure to be hard to find if you don't. Here are the different pre-order bonuses and where you can get them. Note that these are all for the United States.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pre-Order Bonuses

Pokemon Center

If you pre-order either game at the Pokemon Center online store, you will get one of three Starter plush keychains, chosen at random. If you pre-order the double pack, you'll actually get all three keychains.

Nintendo eShop

When you get either game on the eShop, you'll get a code for 12 Quick Balls as a bonus. While not technically a pre-order bonus, it will only be available for a limited time after release.


If you pre-order the Double Pack at GameStop, you'll get a double sided wall banner. The site says to print out your confirmation if you order online when you pick up the games in store for the banner.

In the past they've also given out promotional posters and buttons for pre-orders and first buyers for big Nintendo releases as well.


If you pre-order the Double Pack on Amazon, you'll get a download code for an in-game gold studded leather case for your character. This also seems to imply that character customization will return. If you pre-order only one of the games, you'll get a $10 credit if you're a Prime member. Note that the credit does not apply for the Double Pack.

Best Buy

Pre-ordering on Best Buy will just give you a $10 credit if you're a rewards member.

Photos courtesy of GAME FREAK/Nintendo