Pokemon Sword and Shield Starters Getting G-Max Form

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Pokemon Sword and Shield starters are getting a G-Max form according to the most recent Nintendo Direct.

Every trainer aspires to get their starter Pokemon a Gigantomax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Not only is it a solid buff to stats and abilities, the larger-than-life transformation is certainly a spectacle to behold, making the first time you see a G-Max version of your favorite pocket monster a consistently exciting experience.

Pokemon Sword and Shield G-Max: What Is It?

A new and unique system which solely exists within Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Dynamax/Gigantomax system allows a Pokemon to grow massively and size and gain access to unique, powerful moves. This can only happen in certain locations, and in just about every case, will boost a Pokemon's health by a certain amount based on their Dynamax Level, a special stat that can be boosted by consuming the Dynamax Candy earned from Max Raids.

Certain Pokemon additionally undergo a shift in their appearance beyond a simple growing in size. This transformation, called a Gigantomax form, is only available to select creatures in the game and almost always has game-changing impact, so be sure to use it wisely.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Gigantomax Rillaboom, Inteleon, and Cinderace

Announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct, an incoming DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield will unlock Gigantomax forms for the three starter Pokemon native to the game, or more specifically their final forms. Each undergoes a physical change drastically differentiating their appearance from their normal forms, such as Inteleon gaining a massive tail it stands on top of like a sniper's roost, Rillaboom who's upgraded his tree-stump drum into a full kit, or Cinderace... who looks even MORE like Terriormon now. Be on the lookout for this impactful change included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass for $30.