Pokemon UNITE Aug. 18 Update: What You Need to Know

An update to Pokémon UNITE is coming Aug. 18.
An update to Pokémon UNITE is coming Aug. 18. / Photo courtesy of Tencent Games/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE is getting another update and it's scheduled for Aug. 18.

The update will be released alongside new addition Blissey and brings with it a few fixes and changes to the battle arena game. Updates are also being made to certain Pokemon stats and moves to help adjust the balance of Unite Battles.

Players can expect some general bug fixes, text fixes, and shop updates from the scheduled update. In addition to this, the following Pokémon will also be receiving adjustments to their stats and moves:

  • Crustle
    Stealth Rock: cooldown reduced, damage to opponent increased
    Rock Tomb: damage to opponent increased
  • Garchomp
    Bulldoze: damage to opponent increased
    Dragon Rush: cooldown reduced
    Movement speed changed
  • Slowbro
    Surf: duration of effect decreased
    Scald: damage to opponent increased
  • Snorlax
    Heavy Slam: damage to opponent decreased
    Block: duration of effects decreased
    Flail: move upgrade
    Power Nap: HP restoration decreased
  • Greninja
    Smokescreen: move downgrade, cooldown lengthened
    Water Shuriken: cooldown reduced, damage to opponent increased
    Double Team: cooldown reduced

How to Update Pokemon UNITE

Players looking to take advantage of the fixes and stat changes will need to update their game tomorrow, once the patch has been released. For Nintendo Switch users, players will need to restart the app on their device to apply the update. An internet connection will be required.

Those waiting for the mobile release of the game haven't got too long to go. Pokémon UNITE is set to be released for Android and iOS devices sometime in September.