Pokemon UNITE Blissey Moveset: What You Need to Know

Photo by The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's latest addition has arrived, and it’s Blissey. Following suit after Gardevoir, this new addition will see her debut on the battlefield within the coming week. Fans are wondering what Blissey's moveset in Pokemon UNITE will be?

As the final evolution of the Chansey line, Blissey is a Pokemon known for an insanely high base HP stat in the mainline Pokemon titles, touting the highest in the category out of any current Pokemon. Seeing as how Blissey will be a Supporter in Unite, she may serve as a tanky beast that’ll constantly support teammates while being difficult to kill. 

Pokemon UNITE Blissey Moveset

Blissey's reception has been lukewarm among players, but with a specific moveset Blissey may be able to establish herself as a fan-favorite healer. Blissey is scheduled to release on Aug. 18, and players have taken the initiative to start saving their coins in hopes of acquiring the newest addition.

Blissey's moveset consists mainly of eggs, which can be tossed to both allies and enemies. Reminiscent of the mainline titles, Blissey’s eggs can be tossed at teammates to restore health, while also serving as damaging bombs when thrown at a foe. 

Blissey’s UNITE Move is called Bliss Assistance, and it’s a handy move when a teammate is overwhelmed. Upon activation, Blissey will dash to a teammate and shield them from any attacks going to the ally. It’s unknown if the damage will transfer to Blissey or simply be negated, so players should keep that in mind while waiting for the new Pokemon.

Blissey will be available in Pokemon UNITE on Aug. 18.